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The Photoshoot Experience - How it Works

Tails of Wales is based in the world famous "Town of Books", Hay-on-Wye, Brecon Beacons, Wales. It's full of books and millions of stories, similarly, my photography tells a story, Your Story!

At Tails of Wales your photoshoot is personal to you, and it's because of this, it is important for me to fully understand why you wish to celebrate your love, who you would like involved in the photoshoot, and what you would secretly love to have from the your photoshoot. 

As an accomplished, award-winning photographer and with over 35 years experience in photographing weddings, portraiture and animals, I want you to know your photoshoot will be everything you dreamed of, and more! With my expertise, and the knowledge I gain from the discovery call, I will capture amazing images you will love. 

To start the process, register your details in the form, along with the subject of your photography needs, (such as, Couples,Family, Dog, Equine) then I will call you to find out more, who, what, where, and wishes! This is the Discovery Call. 

The Discovery Call, Once you have registered your details or expressed an interest in a photoshoot experience I will telephone you to discover all there is to know about what is important in your life for me to capture. I also love to chat to everyone who will be included in the photoshoot, such as partners, parents/children to understand what it is they love.  From this, we will then set a date for your photoshoot experience, something to really look forward to. A booking fee will be required at this point to secure your date and time. 

The Photoshoot, You'll have a great time, full of natural, relaxed and fun moments, all captured in camera. My style evokes the beauty of the landscape, sunlight and occasional extra lighting from me to create stunning photography. Whether this is a portrait of just yourself, or the whole family with dogs + horses, leave the technicalities to me and enjoy the experience, you'll love the results!

Design Consultation,  The Design Consultation is a cinematic viewing of images which follows on straight after your photoshoot experience, this is usually at a local venue, or your home. During the Design Consultation  you can choose your favourites and place your order. We will create amazing designs of Wall Art and Collections together for the best displays within your home.

Dog Photography can be at set locations in or near to Hay-on-Wye. Every dog is different, they have different personalities, and different levels of obedience training, I photograph them all, even if your dog needs to be kept on a lead, don't worry, as most dogs I photograph are on leads! What's important is the capturing their character, and personality. 

Equine Photography is generally held at your yard. I love meeting new horses, so after I've met your horse I'll look around to find all the best spots for the photography. Its usually helpful to have another person who also knows your horse to help out. Its great to capture the natural connection of you both, and for a different look, why not have a change of clothing, such as a prom dress/ball gown or dressage outfit. 

Families, Children, Couples & Portraiture locations are discussed in person to best tell your story. A range of stunning locations, from beaches to castles to woodland walks or gentle meadows, your artwork will be loved by generations to come. 

To secure the date and time of your photoshoot experience, a payment of £95 is required, unless stated otherwise, (this is a Booking Fee*, if the weather is unsuitable on your day, then your Booking Fee will be retained for a re-scheduled date). Sufficient time is then allocated to you for the photoshoot and the Design Consultation of your Artwork, which is straight after your photoshoot. All in the same day! 

As a gift from me, a £175 Credit Certificate* will be deducted from any purchase you make on the day. 

Questions & Answers:

Where is your Studio? 

My Studio is in the centre of Hay-on-Wye, Top Floor of the Royal British Legion, 8 Market Street, Hay-on-Wye, HR3 5AF. There is a separate entrance to the Studio / Design Consultation Room on the side of the Royal British Legion. 

What are your Studio opening hours? 

Due to the nature of my work, and that I work one to one in the Studio or on Location this means Studio Sessions and Design Consultations are by appointment only.

I am not the only person who uses the Royal British Legion building for their business, please respect that I will only be available in the Studio if you have an appointment, such as to discuss in person your photoshoot, have your photoshoot, view your photoshoot or collect your artwork. This is to maintain privacy for other traders in the building, Thank you. 

The best way to contact me is by telephone, please leave a message if I'm unable to answer, I will then call you back as soon as I can. 

I aim to replay during normal office times, 9am-6pm Monday-Friday and Saturday Mornings. 

To enquire or to book, please call me on 07942006600

Where will the location photoshoot be with my Dog? 

I am based in Hay-on-Wye, so during the Discovery Call we will discuss suitable locations for the photography involved. I know of quite a few "Dog Friendly" locations in the Brecon Beacons, in particular, Hay-on-Wye, Abergavenny and Brecon. Each of these locations are fantastic and offer a wide variation of backgrounds, flora + fauna to show off your dog to the best. However, if you have a specific place in mind, such as a place you love or grew up in, then we can certainly discuss this. Travel fees may apply if further than 30 miles from Hay-on-Wye. 

What if my dog is not trained? 

Don't worry, I photograph lots of dogs which are anxious, untrained, nervous or on a lead. My years of experience will overcome these, and even edit out a lead if need be. 

Can I keep my dog on a lead?

Yes of course. I understand if your dog is anxious or recall is not great, two main reasons to keep your dog on a lead. I can edit out leads to get the perfect image captured of your dog. Please note, I cannot edit out a harness. It's ok to use a harness when we are walking to the location or in-between photographs, but please bring a collar so we can take the harness off and attach the lead to the collar for the photography. 

Is there an additional cost for more than one dog?

There is no extra charge for additional dogs, provided you are the owner of each dog. However, I will need to know how many dogs you have as this will affect the length of time of the photoshoot. 

My dogs are my life, they are crazy, can you photograph them all? 

Yes I can! It's what I do. If you have more than one dog then please bring another adult with you, this could be your partner, friend or family member. We need that extra person to hold onto your other dogs whilst I'm photographing one of them. 

Can my partner come too? 

Yes! You love your partner, your partner needs to be included in the making of your treasured memories.


We work all week, can I have a photoshoot on a weekend? 

I understand that we all have busy lifestyles, with work and kids in school. As a photographer it is my job to photograph you, your family to create those beautiful images that bring the family closer together in ways you will truly love forever. This is all the more reason to take time out from that busy lifestyle, and set aside time just for your family for the soul purpose of capturing your precious moments together. Saturdays are available, at no extra cost, though these are often booked up in advance. Sunday photoshoots can be arranged though will incur an additional cost of £95. 

I'm camera shy, or My partner is camera shy, do we have to be in the photos? 

Your Photoshoot experience is all about you, and during the Discovery Call, we can discuss what it is you don't like about being photographed. There are many ways to photograph people to include them, without having them look straight into the camera. My photography style is natural, for you to naturally interact with your partner, family dog or horse. 

What do I need to bring on the photoshoot? 

Dog treats, more than you think you'll need, and cut/chop them into small pieces. A dog brush. Poop bags. Dog lead + collar. A towel. A hand towel if you have a dog breed that slobbers. 

Is there anything I should be aware of? 

I use dog friendly locations for the photoshoot if going to one I recommend, However, these locations will generally be used by other dog walkers. Nearby to the locations there could be car parks/roads/streams/ponds/rivers/sheep/cattle to be mindful of. If you have any concerns please tell me immediately, and put your dog on a lead if required. 

The location will be discussed with you prior to booking, in order to get the right location for you and your dog. 

Equine Photography; 

Where will the photography take place? 

The photoshoot of you and your horse is generally at the place you keep your horse, and nearby locations so that your horse is familiar and used to its environment, making for more natural artwork that means more to you. 

How long will the photoshoot take? 

Each equine photoshoot generally takes between 2-4 hours, this may be longer if more than one horse. 

I like to seek out the best spots in your location on the day prior to starting the photography. By you showing me a walk around, we can discuss the styles at each location. I also recommend you have a change of clothing to get the best from the photoshoot, such as from casual wear to dressage or prom dress/evening gown for that "wow" factor!

Should I prepare my horse the day day before? 

Please prepare your horse as best you can, either the day before or the morning of the photoshoot, and keep them in their stable until I arrive. 

Please also have another adult available during the photoshoot, they will be extremely valuable to have in order to get your horses attention during the photography. 

Why is there a Booking Fee? 

Your booking fee secures the date and time of your photoshoot and, if on location it includes my travel costs of up to 60 miles in total.  It also includes the time I allow for the photoshoot, typically 1 - 3 hours, (3-4 for equine). 

After the photoshoot I allocate sufficient time to edit and show you the photographs on the same day. 

What if it's raining on the day? 

The weather is something I cannot guarantee, therefore, I will contact you the day before the photoshoot by telephone call to confirm if the weather is suitable for the photoshoot at the time and at the location we have set. If it is not suitable, then we can re-schedule your photoshoot for a different date, and your booking fee will be carried forward for the new , re-scheduled date. 

What happens after the Photoshoot? How long do I have to wait to see my photos? 

I dedicate my time to you on the day of the photoshoot, I understand you want to see the results as soon as possible. This is why I dash back to the studio straight after the photoshoot, upload your photography and get them ready for your personalised cinematic showing, whilst you have a nice relaxing lunch in Hay-on-Wye. Within an hour or two from the photoshoot you will be admiring and falling in love with the photographs we have captured. 

How do I order my photos?

During your cinematic showing I will help and guide you with artwork that will best suit your home, where you will love to have your artwork displayed. We will work out the best finish and sizes that will be perfect for your home. All orders are bespoke to you, therefore full payment must be taken before orders are delivered.

I offer a number of payment options. 



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