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The Dog, Equine,Portrait & Family Photographer

Terms & Conditions

Chris Norton is the director and photographer of Tails of Wales Dog Photography. The nature of photography, lighting, weather, location and products supplied by Chris Norton from external companies can change without notice. Due to variables in the service provided by Chris Norton, Bookings, Services and Products may be postponed, altered or cancelled at short notice or even without notice.


 By using the service of this website, and the service of Chris Norton, photographer of Tails of Wales Dog Photography, it is understood that you accept the following Terms and Conditions. 

The Process of the Photoshoot Experience

My Commitment - Your Commitment, In order for me to capture the beauty and essence in photographs, which tell Your Story, I will commit my time for you to carry out  Discovery Calls, The Photoshoot, Design Consultation, Fine Adjustments Editing and Delivery of your order. From you, I kindly ask for your commitment of this process, it's for your benefit and for your photographs. 

From your initial contact or enquiry, whether by completing a form via the website, email, Whats app, fb, text or telephone call, I will aim to Phone you within 48 hours to chat about your Photography Experience. If I do not have your phone number, I will respond via the method you have used in order to find out when you are available for the chat on a phone call. 

The Discovery Call, this is where we have a chat about the meaning of the photoshoot, what is important to you and what you would love to have from the photoshoot. The Discovery Call must take place prior to the photoshoot, and with each main adult members to be included in the photographs. During the discovery call we will also book the date, time and location of the photoshoot. 

The Photoshoot, If the photoshoot is on location, it is weather permitting! I will check the weather forecast the day before your photoshoot and will phone you the day before to confirm to you if the weather is suitable or not. Should it not be suitable, then we can postpone the photoshoot for a different date, alternatively have the photoshoot in the studio. 

If the photoshoot is planned for the Studio, then weather will not affect the photoshoot. (please be aware the studio is on the first floor of Royal British Legion, Hay-on-Wye. There are stairs to the first floor, no lift. 

Please be prepared for the the photoshoot, making sure you have everything you require, see notes. 

Your Photography Photoshoot Notes; 

Dog Photography, Bring dog treats, water, poo bags, towel, brush, sensible walking shoes/boots. 

Equine Photography, Have another adult available on the day for assistance who knows the horse/s, Groom horses beforehand, Horse treats, selection of clothing. 

Family Photography or any of the above where you or family members are to be photographed, Casual clothes work well, clothing may be discussed in the discovery call depending on photoshoot required. Children + babies, bring snacks, food, drinks. To be smart casual in appearance without being "overdressed". 

Break, After the photoshoot most people have a coffee or lunch, whilst I download the photographs I've taken ready to show you in the Design Consultation

The Design Consultation, This is where you get to see a cinematic display of the photographs that I have just taken on your Photoshoot. We will work together to design what you would love to be displayed in your home. The Design Consultation will take place at the Studio, Hay-on-Wye. Once we have designed your artwork, a number of payment options will be made available to you. 

Fine Adjustment Editing, All orders will be finely edited and adjusted by myself prior to me ordering from the Photographic Lab. As every order is totally bespoke, no refunds are possible at this stage. The league time of production from the Lab is usually 3-4 weeks. 

Delivery, Once your order has been completed by the Lab, I will check the quality before notifying you and arranging a suitable delivery to you, or collection time from you. I love handing over your artwork in person, to witness your reaction of the finished pieces and also so that I can guarantee they have reached you safely. 

Equine Photoshoot

Equine Photoshoots are normally held at your Yard/Farm, Location. 

Travel charges will apply for the photoshoot if outside 30 miles of Hay-on-Wye, please contact me for rates of travel for your location.

The photoshoot will be discussed at time of booking, for me to take notes on number of horses, and change of outfits to wear. 

Each Photoshoot on average is 2 to 4 hours long for one horse, this takes into consideration of walking to various areas within your location and also a change of outfits. 

What happens if the Weather is unsuitable for the photoshoot to go ahead? 

If the weather is unsuitable for the photoshoot to go ahead, then I will call you by telephone to re-schedule the photoshoot. This will not affect any payments you have made for the photoshoot, and will be carried forward to the re-scheduled date. If you decide the weather is unsuitable and do not attend the photoshoot, then any booking fees, or payments are non-refundable.  

Photography - The Photoshoot

1, All photographs taken by Chris Norton are copyright of Chris Norton, and so may be used/sold for any purpose seen fit by Chris Norton.

2, Chris Norton is covered by insurance for public liability during the photoshoot. 

3, It is understood that your dog/horse, or dogs/horses are your responsibility during the photoshoot. You are their master, and therefore they take commands from you better than anyone else.

For the safety of all members of your family, you are your responsible for them in case of accident or mis-adventure. 

4, Chris Norton will not intentionally put your dog/s/horses in any danger or harms way. Chris Norton aims to use dog + Horse friendly locations that present no or minimal danger, no more so than if you were taking your dog/s for a walk, or on a trek with your horse. However, if you feel that this is not the case, then you are to make it known to Chris Norton as soon as possible. 

5, Chris Norton is not responsible for your dog/horse during the photoshoot, and care should be taken by yourself for your dog/s/horses in arrears of moving vehicles, cyclists, rivers, streams, ponds, lakes, sea, wooded areas, grassland, other wildlife, cattle or other dogs.

6, Should your dog/s or horses attack, get attacked, injure or get injured by any person/s, wildlife, cattle or other dogs whilst getting to the location, during the photoshoot or returning from the location then you may be held legally responsible for actions taken against you, just as you would be if you were out walking your dog or horse.

7, If your dog/s attack, bite, attempts to attack or bite any person/animal whilst on the photoshoot then I, Chris Norton has the right to immediately halt and terminate the photoshoot as safety is paramount. 

8, Booking Fee, Once a booking has been made for a photoshoot and or viewing, Chris Norton allocates sufficient time to undertake the discussed photoshoot and Design Consultation, including travel time, therefore any booking of a PHOTOSHOOT and or Design Consultation is kindly requested to be kept. The Booking Fee is Non-Refundable.

If you cancel or do not show up for the photoshoot your Booking Fee will NOT be refunded.

9, If you wish to postpone a photoshoot then you must inform me by a telephone call (not by text, message or email) at least 48 hours prior to the time and date of the booked photoshoot. By not giving at least 48 hours notice, your booking fee is non-refundable or transferrable to another date/time. 

10, Once a photoshoot is booked it cannot then be gifted to someone else. Any promotional gifts offered by Chris Norton can only be used for that photoshoot, no gifts can be held for another occasion or given to someone else. 

11, Any complimentary photoshoots and or gifts offered by Chris Norton are one time offers, should you choose to cancel a complimentary photoshoot, or photoshoot offer, or do not attend the photoshoot, you will then forfeit the offer and or gift, and then my normal fee will apply if you wish to re-book. If unsuitable weather is forecast for the time/date and location of the photoshoot, then Chris Norton will contact you to explore other options, such as re-schedule date/time or location, for this reason only, this will not affect a photoshoot and any offer alongside that photoshoot.

12, Any promotional gifts offered by Tails of Wales Dog Photography are one time offers, should you cancel or postpone the PHOTOSHOOT or DESIGN CONSULTATION then you will forfeit the offer. 

13, All Photoshoot Vouchers have a validation date and state what is included in the voucher. Any items included within the voucher cannot be altered or upgraded. All vouchers which include a photoshoot must be used before it expires, i.e. The photoshoot must take place before the expiry date. (unless weather conditions means postponement of the photoshoot, and therefore re-scheduled within a reasonable time of 4 weeks).

14, Photoshoots with £175 Credit Certificates - Photoshoots with £175 Credit Certificate issued by Chris Norton, can only be used at time of placing your order at the Design Consultation. Only one Credit Certificate of £175 may only be used against any Wall Art and or Treasure Box offered by Chris Norton.  

15, Photoshoot Winner! Should you be lucky enough to win a photoshoot then your photoshoot time and date which is arranged with you must be kept to the best of your ability. If you wish to postpone this prize you must discuss by phonecall within 48 hours of your photoshoot. A re-schedule date will then be arranged with you. 

16, Photoshoots are booked with the understanding that the dog/horse owner is present at all times. At the time of booking it is agreed on the number of dogs/horses that will be taking part in the photoshoot. Should you arrive at the photoshoot with more dogs than previously arranged, Chris Norton may not have sufficient time to photograph all attendees. 

Placing Orders & Payment of your Products

1, I offer a variety of payment options, these are; Debit/Credit Card, Cheque, Cash, Bank Transfer, Online Invoice, Tails of Wales Vouchers and also 3 month interest free. 

2, If you are using the interest free payment option, then a minimum of one third of the total price is to be paid upon placing your order, and the remaining balance to be paid within the 3 months of placing that order. The remaining balance can be flexible to suit you. 

3, As all photographs, products and services are bespoke to your individual requirements, all payments for such items must be paid in full prior to delivery. Any part payments made before final balance is paid cannot be refunded due to the bespoke nature of the images and products, as work will have been carried out such as further editing and ordering of your chosen items. 

4, All products and photographs are bespoke to your individual order. Therefore, any orders made by yourself cannot be cancelled and refunds cannot be made.

5, If your photoshoot comes complete with an item, whether promotional or not, this item or value of, cannot be "cashed in" swapped or used as part payment towards something else. 

Vouchers, Credit Certificates + Gift Certificates

1, Vouchers- Each voucher has a value, and are to be used as cash. They can be used as payment or part payment towards your purchases, and to be used at time of placing your order, or used as payment method, or part payment method to complete your order within 3 months of your Design Consultation. Any "change" left from a voucher, will not be given back as cash, instead a new voucher will be issued to you for the balance. They can also be used in conjunction with Credit Certificates.  

2, Credit Certificates are valued as Credit and can be used as payment or part payment for your order, and can only be used at the time of your Design Consultation. No Change is given from Credit Certificates. Credit Certificates cannot be swapped for Cash or given to anyone else, or held in full or part towards another photoshoot. Credit Certificates can be used in conjunction with Vouchers. 

3, All Gift Certificates have a validation date, and must be used before this date expires. If a Gift Certificate includes a photoshoot and or any products, then the photoshoot may not be cancelled or postponed. Any products itemised on the Gift Certificate will only be offered. Any such product may not be altered, upgraded or the value of such products be used as payment, or exchanged for cash. Gift Certificates cannot be refunded or exchanged for cash.  

4, Any change remaining of £5 or more from a Gift Certificate will be issued as a new Gift Certificate to the nearest £5 and will be dated from the original date.  

5, Any photoshoot booked in connection or linked to a Gift Certificate will fall under the same terms and conditions of "The Photoshoot" as detailed above.

6, Any Design Consultation in connection to a photoshoot or linked to a Gift Certificate must be kept, failure to keep to the scheduled time and date of the viewing will result in a charge of £45 for a second Design Consultation. 

Copyright and your Personal Usage

1, You agree not to reproduce, duplicate, copy, with intent to pass on, sell, resell or exploit any portion of  photographs taken by Chris Norton, this will be a violation of  Chris Norton copyright.  

2, Digital Files -  If digital files are purchased by you from Chris Norton, it is understood that they may be used by yourself for personal use only. You may print your own images from these digital files, you may share on social media, or email to friends and family, these uses come under "Personal Use". Chris Norton does not give you the right to make any personal or financial gain from any photographs taken by Chris Norton, this includes digital and any other form of image. This would put you in breach of Chris Norton Copyright. 


1, Chris Norton is legally covered by the Data Protection Act, and therefore any personal information given by you will be secure and only used by Chris Norton for the use of running Tails of Wales Dog Photography. Your personal details will NOT be passed on or sold to external companies, unless authorised by you in order to take part in photography competitions.

2, Chris Norton reserves the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason at any time.

3, Prices for our products are subject to change without notice.

4,We reserve the right at any time to modify or discontinue the Service (or any part or content thereof) without notice at any time.

5,We shall not be liable to you or to any third-party for any modification, price change, suspension or discontinuance of the Service.

16, Promise of Excellence guarantee is for products supplied to last a lifetime. Materials used in all products are of the highest quality and will be replaced if found to be defective. However, it does not cover mis-use and/or wear+tear.

*Promise of Excellence does not cover misuse/neglect of products. Care must be taken not to place products in sunlight, damp rooms such as attics or areas that are not kept at room temperature, 16-26 degreesC. Prints, Albums must be kept free of moisture. USB's must be used and ejected correctly and be kept free from virus and/or corruption. 

The Website - Tails of Wales Dog Photography

1, All information on this website is regularly updated, to keep in line with external companies from suppliers of products. However, external companies occasionally change their products and prices, hence any prices, offers and information on this website may be changed or withdrawn without notice.

2, All photographs displayed on this website and any social media run by Chris Norton are under copyright of Chris Norton, and are not to be copied, altered or used for any reason without agreement by Chris Norton.

3, Any offers, promotions or competitions advertised on this site may not be combined unless otherwise stated by Chris Norton. 

4, Any offers, promotions or competitions may be withdrawn before advertised end date without prior notice. 

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