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Let the adventure begin.

I hope I have inspired you to find out more and to be the next proud owners of Fine Art Photography by Chris Norton. Just drop me a message via the contact form below, filling in any information about the photography you require or call me on 07942 006600 if you’d like to talk it through.

You can also find me by the social media links at the bottom of this page. 

Email; tailsofwalesdogphotography@gmail.com

The nature of my work may mean I cannot answer immediately, though I will respond as soon as I can. 

Thank you, 


How to book your photoshoot...

It’s super easy. Just fill out the booking form below with your preferred dates. I will then contact you to arrange a time, date and location where you and your dog/horse will feel happiest. Morning or late afternoon, in the couple of hours after sunrise and before sunset is the ideal time – this ensures we get the very best quality light – soft, warm and vibrant.


If you have any urgent requests I will do my best to accommodate them. However, please note, Saturdays and Sundays often get booked up quickly.


The majority of my sessions take place at select locations within Mid or South Wales. I’ve taken great care to choose a variety of locations where I know your dog will be comfortable and safe, and I’m confident that I can get the absolute best out of the environment, giving you the best possible images.

Equine photography usually takes place at your location, where I will choose the best areas for the picture taking, please contact me to discuss your horse/s and location.

Sessions can take place further afield if you’re unable to make it to these parts of Wales, though travel fee costs may apply. Contact me to find out more. 

I look forward to meeting you and your dog or horse.  

Thanks! Message sent.

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