The Photoshoot Experience........

What is it that we love about dogs?

Is it the love and devotion they give back to us? Or the cute tilt of their head, as if they are understanding what we are thinking? Or the fun and enjoyment that they bring to our lives each and every day? 

You may have a show dog, an assistance dog, a working dog or that loveable family pet. Either way, we humans love dogs. 

This is your opportunity to show that bond you have in a photoshoot by me, Chris Norton. Your photoshoot can be on a location where you regularly walk your dog, or with dramatic landscape backdrops of which Wales has plenty. To book a beautiful photoshoot of you and your dog for only £175, simply fill in a few details here, then I'll call you to discuss the photoshoot and to arrange a time and date with you. 

Book your session

Once you've been inspired by the images you see here, and have decided to go ahead and book a session, it’s super easy. Just fill out the booking form with your preferred dates. I will then contact you to arrange a time, date and location where you and your dog(s) will feel happiest.

Tails of Wales Dog Photography
Select the location

Selecting the location

The location is a very important part of the photoshoot, it will have a striking effect on the images. You may have a location in mind, a place you grew up, or a place you love. I know the landscape in Wales has some of the finest natural outstanding beauty in the UK. Take a look at some of the beautiful photos I have taken, all in Wales.

Get ready for your photoshoot

Once we have booked your photoshoot, and to help the session run as smoothly as possible here are a few tips.

  • Bring some of their favourite treats/toy,

  • A brush and towel to keep your dog(s) tip top.  

  • We’ll also need to keep an eye on the weather forecasts. The weather on the day of your session is very important, as my style relies on it to create the best light & atmospheric images.

  • If the weather proves unsuitable, we’ll simply reschedule the session to another day at no extra charge.

Photoshoot Dog Photography Wales
Enjoy the photoshoot

The photo session is an adventure to look forward to!

For very active dogs, we might try to tire them out first, so there might be lots of playing, running, chasing and general fun and games. If your dog is shy or timid, we might sit around and chat while they get used to me.

I will work with your pet to capture their unique character – that cute kink in their tail, soft floppy ears, or big toothy grin.

Your job during the session? Just be natural, chill out and relax – dogs have the amazing ability to pick up on human emotions. The more relaxed their beloved human is, the better they respond, especially if you’ve chosen to be in some of the photos too!

Keep an eye out for sneak peeks!

After the session I carefully select and edit my favourite images and post one as a “sneak peek” on Facebook – make sure you follow my page, like and share with all your friends. 

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Tails of Wales
Choose your favourites

After the photo session you can see some of the products I offer that I will have on display at my Custom Van. We’ll also make a date for a Zoom meeting for your Viewing and Ordering Session, usually about a week after the photoshoot. I know that seems a while because you’ll no doubt be so excited to see your photos. However, good editing takes time! I guarantee your photos will be worth the wait and you will sit back and relax, while ooh’ing and ahh’ing over your full set of edited images.

The Photoshoot Experience............
                                                             From only £175

Travel charges apply if location of photoshoot is outside a 30 mile radius of Brecon town.