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I also specialise in Equine, Feline & Chickens! 

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What animal is in your life? 

My main work is dog photography, but I also specialise in Equine, Feline & Chickens too! 

I have even photographed Prize Winning Bulls. So, whatever your pet, or animals you have, I'm sure to be able to photograph them to create stunning images for you to treasure. Whether they are your woolly Llamas or Sheep, or your Beautiful Bunny Rabbits or your Cool Bearded Dragon, why not book that photoshoot today. I'll then be in contact with you within 48 hours to schedule a time to suit. 

Your £20 booking fee will then go to charity. The charities I work with are; Hay + Brecon Food Bank, Animal Assisted Play Therapy® and Brecon Dog Rescue. 

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