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Tails of Wales Virtual Dog Show!

Enter the Tails of Wales Virtual Dog Show for FREE! Over £2,000 in prizes to giveaway!

It's simple to enter, go to my facebook page and click on the link for the Album/Category you wish to enter, upload your photo in the comments, and add your dogs name. Then get all your family and friends to like or love the photo, the highest amount of Like?Love reactions wins!

Categories include: Most Handsome Dog, Prettiest Bitch, Cutest Puppy, Most Appealing Eyes, Best Rescue, Scruffiest Mutt, Dog & Child, Dog & Another Animal, Wet Dog, Funny Dog.

Noddfa Holiday Homes are giving away fantastic prizes for all 10 winners, 20% off a 3+ night stay within the next 18 months from available dates;

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