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The Dog, Equine,Portrait & Family Photographer

Your Life, Your Art

Decorate your home with the love of your life, your family, dog or horse.

Your Investment - Wall Art, Treasure Boxes & More

Wall Art Collections

Wall Art Collections are a combination of several individual pieces that, when displayed together, tell the complete story. Our wall art collections are uniquely designed for your home, manufactured to the finest quality here in the U.K. Choose from the ultra sleek modern Aluminium finish or the new style solid Canvas block, these collections provide a beautiful finish to suit any home decor. Starting from £899

Single Wall Art

A picture says a thousand words! Sometimes a single picture is a statement piece that stands perfectly on its own, commanding your attention. Created in Aluminium, Gallery Blocks or Framed, manufactured in the U.K. to the finest quality, it will certainly be a talking point in your home. Starting from £399

The Treasure Box

The Treasure Box is beautiful and oozes quality of the highest standard. Made of Walnut this wooden box not only keeps your favourite photos safe, but also becomes a display box for you to proudly display a different photo as and when you like. Truly beautiful. Starting from £899