The Dog Walk Photo Challenge 

Charity Begins at Home, make a Donation to either cause for 3 digital photos from the Dog Walk Photo Challenge

*Please Note*  This was in aid of Charity during Lockdown. The offer of a photoshoot for 3 digital images is no longer available. If you had photos taken by me during lockdown on one of the 9 days of my Dog Walk Photo Challenge in Hay-on-Wye and you've not yet completed the form and made your donation and emailed a screenshot of your donation, then do not worry, I will honour the offer. Please, any queries, call me on 0794206600.

Thank you.

Throughout lockdown times we all still need to exercise and walk our dog, this includes me! Our regular walk is along the Warren footpath to the meadow in Hay-on-Wye, I'll announce on facebook when I'll have my camera and I can take some photos of your dog whilst your walking it too. This "Ultra Mini Shoot" is purely for charity, and its a taster of what pictures I can produce of your dog in 5 minutes. I have teamed up with the local food bank, Brecon, which has amalgamated with Hay food bank, and Annie, the Animal Assisted Play Therapy® dog. Both of these are worthy and local causes to donate to in exchange for me sending you 3 digital images from the ultra mini shoot. (maximum of 2 dogs, 6 photos per donation) I will post the photos on facebook later that day, then all you have to do is simply follow the link, choose the cause you wish to donate to, make your donation, (you choose the amount, any donation is greatly received), SCREEN SHOT that donation you have made and send/upload it to me in an email. Email

Also, don't forget to Complete the form below, and I will send you the high resolution photographs of your dog by email in digital format, usually within 24 hours by "We Transfer".

Choose the cause you wish to donate to; 

Hay & Brecon Food Bank,

Your local food bank for people in need.

If you wish to donate to Hay & Brecon Food Bank then click the link here;

Brecon Food Bank

Annie, Animal Assisted Play Therapy®,

For a child that has experienced familial bereavement.

If you wish to donate to Annie, the Animal Assisted Play Therapy®, 

then click the link here;

Annie, Animal Assisted Play Therapy®

To view my website visit, Tails of Wales Dog Photography;

If you have any queries, please contact me. 

Thank you for taking part in the Dog Walk Photo Challenge. 

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