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Professional Pet Photography




Full Day


About the Course

Dog Photography isn't just about getting a nice photo of your dog, its learning the skills of understanding dog behavior, dog personalities, dog breeds and dog owners! Your photography skill needs to become second nature when photographing dogs.

I can teach you these skills, so that you will be able to acieve professional results!

A full day will include a talk on equipment needed. Meet n greet the dog or dogs to be photographed. Go out on location and photograph a number of different "poses" of dogs in different settings, using a wide variety of techniques. A lunchbreak and chat about the location shoot. A Studio session photoshoot. Upload images taken onto a computer, chat and discussion of images captured.

Your Instructor

Chris Norton

Chris Norton

Having spent the past 5 years specialising in Dog Photography and winning multiple awards in this area, I have the knowledge and experience of photographing dogs on location and in the studio.

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